How to earn money Really Fast

I had a friend who had a brilliant idea for how to make money fast. He would put together a poker game at his place. He had room for only about 10 people, so everyone would buy in for $10 and bring their own beer.

The cost was low so it was easy to say yes to coming to this fantastic poker night. Then, he’d lay out a tip jar, so people could pay “the house” (him) a few extra dollars for hosting the event. He knew how to play poker really well, so he ended up tending to win other peoples’ money, and he’d end up with peoples’ extra beer, plus the online casino tips that people paid him.

If you’re any good at Texas Hold ‘Em, there’s money to be made hosting private events at your place. There are a few rules to live by to make winning more likely:

1) Folding is free. Just because you’ve got money in the pot doesn’t mean you should keep playing. It doesn’t cost anything extra to fold, so often!

2) Do the opposite of the rest of the table. If everyone is playing BK8 online gambling conservatively, bet like a madman. If everyone is betting fast and loose, only play hands you know you can win.

3) Be prepared to switch your game up the hand to hand. When people see patterns, they’ll start to beat you, so stay unpredictable. Let them see you bluff a few times, and when you have something good, play like you’re bluffing. Or, play really conservatively, and you’re more likely to pull off a bluff.

4) Practice online. There are lots of free places to practice getting used to playing poker. Even with the online practice, there’s a lot of difference when you’ve got some real chips in your hand, so be prepared for a bit of a shock when you move into real money on the line.

5) When you bluff, a small smile will cover most any other tells you may give off. People have a really hard time reading a small smile, so stick to that often, and no one will be able to read you.

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